Is the EzToastie Bag really fireproof?

Yes! It is made of the same material as your non stick frying pan. Teflon coated. Only softer 🙂

So it’s is $9.99 for 2 bags?

Yes. Each order comes with 2 EzToastie toaster bags.

Will I get any electric shocks if I put it in the toaster?

No! No electric shocks. The EzToastie Bag is made of PTFE, which is a plastic and will not give you any electric shocks.

Is the EzToastie Bag really reusable upto 500 times?

Yes! We have been using them for 1.5 – 2.5 years now. It looks old and has scratches but works just like a brand new toaster bag.

What if my EzToastie Bag tears in a few months?

Well, send us an email at support@eztoastiebags.com and we’ll sort you out with a replacement.

Is this toxic and will it poison my food?

No. Hell No. It is non-toxic, FDA approved (email us if you want to see the certificate of approval). It is made of the same material as your frying pan.

Can I put an egg in it?

Yes! If you saw the video, you know that you can make a quick baked egg with the EzToastie Bag.

Can I make a salami or ham sandwich?

Yes. The fillings are upto you. Ham, chicken, potatoes, fish..whatever rocks your salivary gland boat.

So shipping is free?

Yes! We provide FREE worldwide delivery.

How long will my package take to arrive?

It may take upto 14 days to arrive.

Can I put it in my dishwasher?

Sure you can.

Can I use it in a microwave?

You can and you may. This would defeat the purpose though.

How large is this EzToaster Bag and will it fit in my toaster?

It is slightly larger than your average slice of bread. It will fit in all the conventional toasters that you have. We have yet to come across a toaster in which the toaster bag did not fit.

How heavy is the EzToastie toaster bag?

It’s very light. As light as 2 sheets of A4 sized paper…and just as thin.

Why not just use a sandwich maker?

Well because sandwich makers are expensive to purchase, messy to use (cleaning all that oil and butter….good luck!) and are time consuming. An EzToastie bag converts your toaster into a sandwich maker!

So can I melt a chocolate in the EzToastie bag?

Yes you can! Before you ask..marshmallows too 😉

Will the cheese melt and settle at the bottom of the bag?

No it wont. The cheese will be scrunched tightly in between the fillings and the bread pieces.